Zinc Acetate

Other names: Acetic Acid Zinc salt, Acetic Acid Zinc(II) salt, Dicarbomethoxyzinc, Zinc diacetate

Applications of Zinc Acetate include:

  • wood preserving
  • polymers industry
  • additives and coatings
  • textile:
    • dye mordant
    • waterproofing of textiles, paper & leather
  • acrylic emulsion foam manufacturing (thermal insulation)
  • precursor via a sol-gel route to the transparent semiconductor zinc oxide
  • ultrasonic preparation of zinc sulfide nanoparticles coated on silica particles
  • chemistry:
    • analytical reagent (albumin, phosphate, blood)
    • manufacture of other zinc salts
    • manufacture of ethylene acetate
  • catalyst (polyester, PA, PVC)
  • breath freshener and plaque inhibitor in chewing-gum
  • plating inhibitor on primary water piping in nuclear power plants

Manufactured by Bernardy.

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